Apple’s Entire Lineup Of iOS Devices Including iPad To Come With Smaller Dock Connector

BY Jason

Published 6 Aug 2012

Back in February, iMore had claimed that the next generation iPhone will come with a smaller dock connector.

iMore now claims that the entire new lineup of iOS devices such as the next generation iPhone, iPad mini, next generation iPod touch that will be unveiled at a special media event on September 12th and even the iPad 3 that was launched back in March will come with the new connector.

iMore reports:

iMore has learned that Apple intends to update their entire lineup of iOS device products to support the new, miniaturized Dock connector, and to do it as early the rumored September 12 special event this fall. This would include the new iPhone 5, the the new iPod nano and iPod touch, the rumored 7-inch iPad mini, and an updated version of the current 9.7-inch iPad.

iMore reports they’ve received this information from the same source who had told them about the smaller dock connector back in February.

Leaked parts of the next generation iPhone have also indicated the possibility of a smaller dock connector.  Not surprisingly, Apple is expected to offer an adapter alongside the new iOS devices that will allow users to connect accessories using the old 30-pin dock connector to the device’s new 19-pin connector.

The fact that Apple will also update the 3rd generation iPad does come as a surprise.

Apparently, Apple believes consistent Dock connectors across the line, and other improvements they’re able to make to the new iPad this point, are more important than sticking to yearly release schedules. Apple has previously shown little aversion to extending release schedules, with a 16 month gap between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and no substantive iPod touch updates for 23 months and counting. But what about significantly shortening them?

iMore isn’t clear if the new iPad with the smaller dock connector will be an iPad 4,1 or simply a new iPad3,x. Some reports have suggested that Apple will launch a revised iPad 3 to fix the overheating issue.

Back in March, when the new iPad went on sale, some users complained that it ran hotter than iPad 2. But it would come as a surprise if Apple releases a revised iPad 3 later this year as the company has maintained that iPad 3 operates well within thermal specifications and surveys have also found that an overwhelming majority of new iPad owners felt it was a non-issue.

We’re not sure users who have bought iPad 3 will be too happy if Apple launches an iPad 4,1 or revised iPad 3 in September. What do you think?

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