Facebook introduces new ways to streamline the News Feed

BY Evan Selleck

Published 7 Nov 2014

image Facebook new News Feed

Facebook has made changes to the News Feed within it mobile app, and on its desktop site, with a focus on streamlining the flow of news a user sees when they load the app or site.

The News Feed changes were announced on Friday, November 7, via Facebook’s official blog, coupled with a nice video showcasing the changes. Now, the Settings option within News Feed will show users a grouping of recent Pages, Groups and individuals that they have seen within the last week within their News Feed. A user can sort through content via these categories, and then either choose to show more content from those areas, or unfollow as need be. By unfollowing a Page or individual, their status updates will no longer show up in the News Feed.

Facebook is also introducing new ways to provide feedback for specific posts that show up in a News Feed, with a drop-down arrow in the top-right of each individual post that will offer up specific options, including the ability to hide it right there on the spot. Informing Facebook you want to see less of a particular Page, Group or individual will then offer up the option to un-follow them if you so desire.

The general News Feed changes will be rolling out to the mobile app as well as the desktop site beginning today. The new feedback options will be available through the desktop option beginning now, and will be rolling out to mobile at some point in the near future.

[via Facebook]