Facebook Messenger Introduces ‘Instant Video’

BY Evan Selleck

Published 1 Sep 2016

Facebook Messenger Instant Video

Facebook wants its users to use video, a lot, so it’s no surprise that it’s adding another feature into its Messenger platform to entice people to do just that.

Facebook has officially announced “Instant Video” for Messenger, which, as the name of the new feature suggests, will allow users to quickly activate a live video with someone they’ve been chatting with, and quickly bring the conversation to life with video. The new feature is baked into Messenger, and it works on both iOS and Android, as long as both people are updated to the latest version of Facebook Messenger.

To get it to work, users simply tap on the video icon at the top-right of the Messenger conversation. Both users need to be in the conversation at the same time, apparently, so be aware of that. Once the video icon is pressed the app will start sharing real-time video immediately. Sound is switched off by default, but it can be activated manually if so desired. The video will continue to stream, live, but the text box will still be available, so if you want to keep typing things out, users can do that.

The user on the other end of the conversation can either simply watch you, or they can also add a live streaming video of their own.

Instant Video for Facebook Messenger is available now for iOS and Android.

[via Facebook Newsroom]