Facebook offers better control over its News Feed with new preferences

BY Evan Selleck

Published 9 Jul 2015

Facebook new News Feed

On Thursday, July 9, Facebook officially announced some noteworthy changes to its News Feed, which should make users plenty happy.

For the heavy Facebook user that has become accustomed to slogging through an endless News Feed that tends to be out of order, with new posts from people/pages you actually want to see somewhere in the middle of the stream, or even at the bottom, the new preferences that Facebook is rolling out should be a welcomed change.

With these new options, of which there are four (prioritize, unfollow, reconnect, and discover), users will be able to take a bit more control over the News Feed, both in what they see every day, what they hide, or even when it comes to finding new things to like and follow on the social network. With prioritization, Facebook users will be able to select friends and/or Pages they want to see at the top of their News Feed when they publish new content, so that any other content gets pushed below those specific updates. A star will appear next to the name, too, making sure users know why that content is appearing at the top of the feed.

Facebook new News Feed2

There’s more granularity when it comes to unfollowing posts, brands or people, now, too. With this change, Facebook will allow users to unfollow a post, or a person/Page altogether, without completely un-liking or un-friending them. There is also a new list that will show the pages/friends that a user might have un-liked or un-friended in the past, and give the user the ability to reconnect with them if they so choose.

Finally, with the discovery tool, Facebook will populate a list of people, pages, bands, artists, brands, and a wide assortment of other things that it believes you’ll like, which you can then follow accordingly.

The new News Feed is rolling out today for the iOS app, and it’s coming to desktop and Android devices “in the coming weeks.”

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