FBI Still Analysing Data from San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone 5c; Says ‘It’s Simply Too Early’ to Assess Whether It’s Valuable or Not

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 6 Apr 2016

FBI logo

After a lot of drama, the FBI was finally able to access the data stored on the iPhone 5c on one of the San Bernardino’s shooter late last month with the help of an Israeli company. Since then, everyone has been eagerly waiting for the organisation to share what kind of data they have found on the shooter’s iPhone 5c and whether it is of any importance or not.

That will still take some time though, as a senior FBI official today said that “it’s simply too early” to tell what the data reveals. The organisation is still analysing the data recovered from the iPhone 5c and won’t talk about it until the examination is complete.

“We’re now doing an analysis of that data, as we would in any other type of criminal terrorism investigation,’’ Mr. Baker said, adding: “That means we would follow logical leads.”

The FBI will take the decision of what it should reveal to the public or what it will do with the data until it has thoroughly examined both: the data as well as the tool.

Baker accepted that this is uncharted territory for the organisation, since the FBI is used to taking such decisions with other government bodies behind closed doors over a long period of time. The FBI will also take the decision of whether it should reveal the method of how it managed to unlock Farook’s iPhone 5c to Apple once its examination is complete and once it checks if the same method works on other variants of the iPhone or not.

What do you think the FBI should do? Share the method on how it managed to unlock Farook’s iPhone 5c?

[Via WSJ]