It Took the FBI Over Two Months to Crack iPhone 11

BY Asif Shaik

Published 23 Jan 2020

Apple iPhone 11 Series

It appears that Apple’s marketing focus on privacy and security is not just all talk. FBI had to reportedly spend more than two months to crack an iPhone 11 for an investigation.

Tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Google, and have lately been under a lot of fire with regard to security on their devices and services. Apple says that it doesn’t keep any backdoors open for government or security agencies, and it appears to be true. According to a report from Bloomberg, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) had to spend more than two months to crack an iPhone.

The iPhone 11 in question was seized from Lev Parnas who is the indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani. A letter sent to the US District Judge J. Paul Oetken mentions that Parnas denied to provide his iPhone 11’s password to the FBI, after which the law enforcement agency had to spend more than two months to crack its security and unlock it. And all of this was achieved with FBI’s state-of-the-art technology and hardware, something that isn’t available to other hackers, thieves, or robbers.

This goes on to show that Apple’s security is pretty great and without the company’s help, it becomes quite frustrating for anyone to extract information from its devices. Although the FBI did manage to crack it, two months of time can be extremely critical in such cases. Lev Parnas is under investigation for his work with Rudy Giuliani. They tried to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, who was Donald Trump’s political opponent.

The President of the USA has been a vocal critic of Apple and says that the company should comply with the FBI and give authorities access to offenders’ iPhones.

Our Take

Just yesterday, we reported about the New York City’s $10 million cyber lab that’s dedicated to cracking iPhones and its pictures. Users can rest assured that if their iPhones or other Apple devices get stolen or lost, data stored in those devices will stay secure (unless they are high-profile persons who are indicted in cases being investigated by the FBI). On top of that, they also have an option to wipe it clean remotely using Apple’s Find My service.

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