FiftyThree’s Paper app is now completely free to use

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 5 Feb 2015

Paper by FiftyThree

Paper by FiftyThree — known for the creative freedom that it provides — is among the most popular apps on the App Store for the iPad. While the app has been completely free to download since its launch, additional tools like Color, Sketch and Outline had to be unlocked through individual in-app purchases from the app.

Starting from today though, FiftyThree is making all the tools — including Mixer — completely free to use, which previously required users to purchase the company’s $60 ‘Pencil’ stylus.

At FiftyThree, we built Paper to remove barriers to creativity by putting simple, powerful tools into people’s hands. By making Paper accessible to all, we hope to see more great ideas come to life – on Mix and everywhere.

It looks like FiftyThree now plans on making money through the sales of its ‘Pencil’ stylus from now, which made its way to Apple’s retail and online stores last month. The ‘Pencil’ stylus is among the most popular third-party accessory for the iPad that connects to the device via Bluetooth, and is available in graphite ($49.95) and walnut variants ($59.95).

As revealed to VentureBeat by FiftyThree’s CEO and co-founder, Georg Petschnigg, making the tools free will allow the company to push its hardware and software combination into classrooms across the world. He also revealed that the decision to make the tools in the app free was not because of a “lack of up-take.”

Paper by FiftyThree has been downloaded by more than 13 million iPad owners since it was released in 2012 and is used by 5-10% iPad owners.

[Via FiftyThree]