PSA: Find My iPhone updated with new iOS 7 icon, but don’t install it as non-developers can’t log in

BY Jason

Published 22 Aug 2013

find my iphone icon

Apple just released a new update to the Find My iPhone app that contains “Bug fixes and stability improvements,” but it looks like a bug slipped through that locks out non-developers from the app.

Update: Looks like Apple has fixed the issue, more below.

The update refuses to log in non-developers with an error message that says:

Developer Account Required

You must be a registered iOS developer and have iCloud configured on iOS 7.0 Beta to use this version of Find My iPhone.

So if you’re a regular user of the Find My iPhone app, it’s a good idea to hold off hitting the update button until Apple fixes the issue, either remotely or by issuing another update. It’s worth noting that Apple’s been releasing beta builds of Find My iPhone on the Dev Center to go with iOS 7’s Activation Lock, so it’s likely that Apple mistakenly submitted the iOS 7 version of the app to the App Store.

find my iphone error

The update also contains a new iOS 7 flavored icon, that is in line with all other icons found in iOS 7. It’s not clear if the icon was accidentally updated or was an intentional change.

If you’ve already updated Find My iPhone to the latest version, follow these steps to revert to an older version of the app using iTunes.

Update: Apple has remotely fixed the login issue, as noted on its System Status page:

Find My iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac – 08/22/2013 11:10 PM – 08/23/2013 12:05 AM

Users of version 2.0.3 of the Find My iPhone iOS app were temporarily unable to sign in.

Tell us in the comments below if the app works fine for you now.

[iTunes link, Screenshot via @m4tt]