Firebreak: Jailbreak Tweak Makes It Very Easy To Enable Panorama Mode In Camera App In iOS 5

BY Jason

Published 8 Nov 2011

Few minutes back, we had reported that an iOS developer and hacker had figured out a way to enable the hidden Panorama mode in the Camera app in iOS 5.

chpwn – developer of jailbreak apps such as developer of jailbreak apps such as InfiniboardInfinidock,InfinifolderProSwitcher,VoiceActivator has just released a jailbreak tweak called Firebreak that enables the Panorama mode in iOS 5 for users who have jailbroken their iPhone.

chpwn just tweeted the availability of the tweak on Cydia:

Firebreak (enable the hidden iOS 5 panorama) is now out in Cydia!

(Also, a quick appslide update for Notification Center issues is out.)

The jailbreak tweak enables the feature by setting ‘EnableFirebreak’ to YES in

The Panorama mode needs a gyroscope, so it will only work with iPhone 4 currently and whenever a jailbreak is available for iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

You can download the jailbreak tweak for free from Cydia.

[via @chpwn]