These flashing iPhone cases are great for the festive season

BY Jason

Published 7 Dec 2013

iphone flashing cases

Want to dress up your iPhone for the holiday season? These new flashing iPhone cases from VanD might be what you’re looking for.

These plastic cases come in multiple designs, and use your iPhone’s LED flash for lighting up rather than using its own power source. It does this by using optics principles to deflect light along the etched design patterns. When your flash isn’t turned on, the case acts just like any other plastic iPhone case.

Here’s a video of the cases in action:

The case makers suggest you to turn on LED Flash for Alerts from Settings → General → Accessibility, so that every time you get a call, message or an alert, your phone lights up.

The case is compatible with the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5, and has an MSRP of $20.

[iCella via Gizmodo]