You Can Now Play Fortnite and Other Games on Your iPhone Using Nvidia’s Geforce Now

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 19 Nov 2020

Nvidia has finally found a way to push its games bypassing certain App Store restrictions. The company has launched a mobile web app version of GeForce Now and it is available in beta. This allows millions of GeForce users to access cloud game streaming services on the iPad and iPhone.

GeForce is available via a dedicated app on Android, Linux, and Mac. Furthermore, the game streaming service is also available on Android and Nvidia Shield streaming box. Nvidia is also bringing support for GeForce now on devices other than the Chromebook.

Most importantly, iOS and iPadOS users will once again get to play Fortnite. Recently Fortnite introduced a direct payment method and was thus removed from the App Store. Now users will be able to play Fortnite via GeForce Now and Safari browser. They will also get to play other gaming titles available on GeForce.

Fortnite players can simply head over to GeForce and login into their account. Those who have already played the game will have their progress saved and can directly boot up the game. A few days back a report by BBC hinted at how GeForce Now will bring Fortnite to iOS.

Our Take

Apple issued a statement stating that cloud game streaming services like Google Stadia, Nvidia, and others will not be allowed on iOS. Later Apple said it would accommodate cloud gaming service as long lists all of its games separately on App Store. This will give Apple greater control over individual apps and games.

Apple itself suggested that cloud game streaming services can use the mobile web instead of apps. However, companies like Microsoft were not happy and criticized Apple for imposing restrictions on cloud gaming service.

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