Fourth Gen iPhone Dubbed iPhone HD; Includes Front-Facing Camera, Multitasking, Double Resolution Display?

BY Jason

Published 29 Mar 2010

4g network on iPhone 4g

Engadget is reporting that they were informed by their sources that the fourth generation iPhone will be dubbed the iPhone HD and will be announced on June 22.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball seems to have hinted at some features that we could expect in the next generation iPhone in response to Wall Street Journal’s report about Apple working on two new iPhones, out of which one is for Verizon

Engadget reports:

Soon after the news broke, we were informed that the next-generation iPhone would be announced on June 22nd (a Tuesday, naturally) and would be dubbed the iPhone HD (a name that has been tossed around before). That certainly makes sense given that Apple almost certainly has to up the pixel count in order to rival the EVO 4G, HD2 and all of those other high-res handsets, but we're still reserving judgment until we see that fateful media invite hit our inbox.

Based on Gruber’s sarcastic response to the WSJ’s report about Verizon iPhone, it looks like the fourth generation iPhone will get a A4-family CPU system-on-a-chip, the 960 × 640 double-resolution display, the second front-facing camera and multitasking for third-party iPhone apps in iPhone OS 4.0.

We like the name iPhone HD for the fourth generation iPhone as iPhone 4G would be very confusing if it doesn’t support the 4G network. And we hope that all the features mentioned by Gruber make it iPhone HD’s feature list as they’re on our wishlist.

What do you think?

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