Foxconn’s CEO Hints At iPhone Production Not Coming To the US Anytime Soon

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 9 Mar 2017

terry gou

The CEO of Foxconn, Apple’s largest vendor, has hinted that despite President Donald Trump’s inclination on bringing iPhone production to the United States, the plans may not materialise anytime soon. Terry Gou said that he recently made a short trip to the United States and he is not sure if the US officials can move fast enough to attract investors.

He also noted that the US lacks skilled labours, a comprehensive supply chain, and does not offer any incentive for foreign investors.

“I am concerned as to whether the U.S. can resolve all the investment issues in only a few months’ time,” Gou said, adding America also lacks the skilled labor and comprehensive supply chain the display industry requires.

“Does the U.S. offer incentive programs for foreign investors? They’ll need to pass bills first, and we’ll need to wait for American authorities to make a decision first,” Gou said.

The CEO, however, avoided siding with any particular country and said that a trade war between the two countries will not do anyone any good. He noted that it will be in the interest of the humanity if two of the largest economies in the world got along peacefully. And if they don’t, “then everyone will be losers.”

Gou made these statements at an event that marked the beginning of construction of a new $8.87 billion display industrial park in Guangzhou, southern China. The park has the potential to create up to 15,000 jobs and will see major players like Cisco and Corning also investing in it.

[Via Nikkei]