Gold iPhone 12 Pro Has Superior Fingerprint-Resistant Coating Compared to Other Colors

BY Asif Shaik

Published 20 Oct 2020

iPhone 12 Pro

The embargo on the reviews of the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro was lifted today. And with it, there was a shower of reviews on the internet on Apple’s latest smartphones. While these reviews show us how these devices perform in real-life, they have also revealed one interesting fact. The review of the iPhone 12 Pro from TechCrunch has revealed that the Gold color variant of the device comes with a special fingerprint-resistant coating compared to other color variants of the phone.

According to the publication, the Gold color variant of the iPhone 12 Pro uses a high-power, impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) process on its stainless steel frame (on its sides), compared to physical vapor deposition process that other color variants use. This special coating is said to mimic the molecular structure of the stainless steel underneath, making it less susceptible to fingerprints. This coating is also said to be tougher, offering better protection against cracks, scratches, and nicks. Plus, this coating makes the surface look much more glossy.

The reason why Apple chose to give the Gold color variant of the smartphone a special treatment is still unknown. Hopefully, we will come to know about it soon. Anyway, since the Gold color variant of the iPhone 12 Pro offers higher quality coating, it is likely to be the default choice of color for most people buying the smartphone. Although, bets on the Pacific Blue color variant of the phone are high as well. Most people say that it is the best color of the iPhone 12 Pro on offer.

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[Source: Tech Crunch]