New beta version of Google Reader for iPhone Released

BY Jason

Published 13 May 2008

When Google had rolled out new features for Google Reader Mobile in Nov 2007 for iPhone users I had mentioned that "Google Reader Mobile ranks up there as my top iPhone Application, I just love the ability to read feeds when I am on the move."

After almost 6 months it still one of my top iPhone applications and guess what, it has just got better as Google has just released a new beta version of Google Reader designed for the iPhone.

Just like many of us, the Google Reader dev team are also heavy mobile Safari users. Here is what dolapo over at Google Reader blog has to say "Sometimes we use it to kill time, other times for answering important questions that come up during brunch: What is Tyrol’s first name? How is maple butter made? How do you sweeten rhubarb for sangria? What is John Gruber saying now? For questions like the last one, we of course use Reader to keep up with our subscriptions."

And the good thing to come out of all this is that they have released a new beta version of Google Reader to further enhance the user experience for iPhone users by taking advantage of iPhone’s capabilities.

Here is what you can expect from the beta version as per dolapo: "This new version is designed to offer many of the same features as the desktop, while making it quick and easy to act on items. If you’ve used list view, then it should be familiar to you. Scan the titles for an item that interests you, tap and it expands in place. Starring, sharing, and keeping unread are done in place, so you never have to leave the list view or refresh the page. We think it’s a very fast way to power through your reading list."

So to checkout the beta version of Google Reader for the iPhone point your iPhone’s Safari browser to

Since it is still in beta you will not automatically forwarded to the above URL so for now it would be a good idea to bookmark it (I have).

CdnPhoto’s map of the iPhone world

Let us know your views on the new Google Reader for the iPhone.

[via Google Reader blog]


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