Warning: H1Siri – Jailbreak App That Claims To Bring Fully Functional Siri To iPhone 4 Is Illegal, Buggy And a Major Privacy Concern [Updated]

BY Jason

Published 5 Dec 2011

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A new jailbreak app called H1Siri has just been released on Cydia, which claims to bring Siri to iPhone 4 running on iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1.

It was only last week that a developer had released a jailbreak tweak called Siri0us that brought Siri’s Dictation feature to non-iPhone 4S devices. He however had to pull the tweak from Cydia as he was illegally using Nuance’s voice recognition software.

The H1Siri jailbreak app takes things a step further and essentially is a complete port of iPhone 4S’ Siri to iPhone 4. The jailbreak tweak is available via a custom repository – http://www.iphone3gsystem.fr/cydia/.

It is not clear how it works, but according to initial reports it looks like once installed, the Siri port makes use of a proxy server, which is handles the requests rather than Apple’s servers. We’re also hearing reports that Siri works only occasionally probably due to high load on the proxy server resulting in connectivity issues.

Here’s a video by the hacker of Siri working on iPhone 4 after installing the H1Siri jailbreak app:

It looks like the hackers have got this working on an iPhone 4 by pirating some of the iPhone 4S system files, which is illegal.

We’re also hearing reports that it is causing other issues such as randomly rebooting the iPhone 4 and messing up the Settings app (when you open the Settings app, it goes to Siri section and it is not possible to go to any other section in the Settings app) and you may be forced to ultimately restore your iPhone 4.

So we would strongly recommend you to avoid installing H1Siri on your iPhone 4.


In a series of tweets, iOS hacker and developer chpwn provides some more reasons to avoid installing this Siri port:

Please note: if you use a proxy to access Siri, you may be sending your Email, SMS, Calendar, Contacts, Location, etc though that server.

(It’s up to you if you want to accept that risk. It’s also your choice if you want to violate copyright law to obtain the needed files.)

[via iClarified]