Hacked Lightning Cables Can Allow an Attacker To Take Over Your Mac

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 5 Oct 2019

Next time you plug in a random Lightning cable to your iPhone or iPad to transfer data from your Mac, think again. The creator of O.MG cable has confirmed that these cables can be mass-produced in a factory and that the original version was not a one-off.

The O.MG cable looks just like a genuine Lightning cable from Apple but it will let you remotely take over a computer. While the cable can also be used for charging and data transfer purposes, its main intent is to allow a hacker to connect to a computer.

MG is the creator of the O.MG Cable. It charges phones and transfers data in the same way an Apple cable does, but it also contains a wireless hotspot that a hacker can connect to. Once they’ve done that, a hacker can run commands on the computer, potentially rummaging through a victim’s files, for instance.

The cable was first demoed by MG at the Def Con hacking conference earlier this year. At that time, the creator was selling handmade versions of the cable for $200 apiece.

Now that it has been confirmed that the O.MG cables can be mass produced, MG will put them up for sale on Hak5, a company that’s known for selling hacking tools. Once the O.MG cables are ready, you can purchase them from the Hak5 store.

Will you buy a hacked O.MG cable? Do you think such a cable should be mass-produced and sold?

[Via Vice]