HomePod Holds Down 70% of $200+ Smart Speaker Market

BY Evan Selleck

Published 19 Sep 2018

Whether or not the HomePod is a successful device for Apple is still a bit of a mystery, with analysts not really agreeing on where the device stands in the market months after its launch.

Recent reports have put the HomePod at 6% market share, dating back to the second quarter of this year. And we have heard in the past that Apple sold upwards of 3 million of the smart speakers. Now, a new report from Strategy Analytics says that Apple’s smart speaker dominance isn’t there just yet, except for maybe when it comes to expensive ones.

Strategy Analytics HomePod market share

According to the data, the HomePod is not in the top 5 of smart speakers globally. Unsurprisingly, Google and Amazon are holding down most of the top spots, with the Google Home Mini coming in at first (20 percent market share), the Amazon Echo Dot in second (18%), the Amazon Echo in third (12%), and the Google Home in fifth (7%). In the fourth spot, Alibaba’s Tmaill Genie (7%).

The HomePod? It managed 6 percent of the market, according to Strategy Analytics. So not quite enough to nab a spot in the top 5.

However, there’s good news for Apple’s (expensive) smart speaker that could. The data also shows that while there’s still room to grow in the top 5, it looks like the HomePod is already dominating the market for expensive options. Specifically, the $200+ category. Apple’s holding down 70 percent of that particular segment, based on Strategy Analytics’ data.

So, some silver lining there for Apple.

What’s next for the HomePod has been a pretty frequent question, especially as the smart speaker picked up some new features recently. The rumor mill has it that Apple is working on a cheaper HomePod option, but there’s no word on when that might actually launch.

Have you bought a HomePod yet? Or are you waiting for a cheaper option?

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