This is the Hottest iPhone 12 Flip Phone Concept We Have Seen so Far

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 13 May 2020

iPhone 12 Flip

Apple is unlikely to release a foldable phone anytime soon, forget a foldable flip phone like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. But this does not mean one cannot imagine how an iPhone 12 with a Galaxy Z Flip-like form factor and a foldable display is going to look like.

Creator iOS Beta has envisioned the iPhone 12 Flip — a device that packs a camera setup that will likely show up on the upcoming iPhone 12 in a form factor like that of the Galaxy Z Flip. Appropriately named the iPhone 12 Flip, the device has a flip form factor with a cover display on the exterior which can be used to quickly check on unread notification, incoming calls, and more. Flipping open the device reveals the full 6.7-inch display which has a small dewdrop notch. As for the camera sensor at the rear, it is a quad-camera setup that includes a LiDAR scanner as well which Apple first debuted on the 2020 iPad Pro.

Most of the iPhone concepts that we tend to usually see are unlikely to ever see the light of the day. The chances of this iPhone 12 Flip turning into reality is even rarer. Apple is unlikely to release a foldable iPhone in the near future and whenever the company gets around to releasing its first foldable device, its form factor is unlikely to be anything as shown in the video. Nonetheless, what do you think about the iPhone 12 Flip and devices like the Galaxy Z Flip? Do you think flip phones with a foldable display are here to stay?