HQ Trivia Now Available on the Apple TV

BY Evan Selleck

Published 14 Aug 2018

HQ Trivia arrives on Apple TV

HQ Trivia has been a popular title for the iPhone for quite some time, thanks in part to the ability for players to win actual money.

But one area where the app hasn’t been available is the Apple TV, which would make for some fun times with the game right on your television set. The company is changing that today, with HQ Trivia taking to Twitter on Tuesday to officially announce the game is now available on Apple TV.

The Apple TV experience is the same as the iOS one, just on a much bigger screen. It allows Apple TV players to join in on the fun with the twice-daily experience. Games are played at 3:00 PM ET and 9:00 PM ET. Each round is just a few seconds, giving players only a short period of time to answer a question. Topics range a great deal, with the questions typically starting pretty easy and getting more difficult as the session continues.

The prize pot, which as you can see from the image above is quite high, is distributed to all of the rounds winner when the game finishes up.

Are you an avid player of HQ Trivia? If so, are you excited about its arrival on the Apple TV?

Our Take

HQ Trivia is a game that is fun mostly due to the fact it has a rigid time schedule. Sure, that can make sitting in on one round or another more difficult depending on your schedule, but the schedule does make for a more interesting experience.

[via @HQTrivia]