iOS 11 Release Date

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 5 Jun 2017

Just like every year, the final public release of iOS 11 is not supposed to release until later this year when Apple launches the new iPhone 8. With iOS 11 coming with some major new features like a redesigned App Store and Control Center, lane guidance in Apps Maps, and one-handed keyboard, it is understandable that many iPhone and iPad owners cannot wait to try it out.

Before the final iOS 11 release drops though, Apple will be making beta builds of the OS available to developers and public beta testers. This will allow the company to ensure that the final release of iOS 11 is free from any major bugs as it would be able to receive feedback from a wider group of testers.

The first developer preview of iOS 11 will be released later today, with more beta builds of the OS dropping later over the next few months until the final release of the OS later this fall. The public beta test of the OS will start from July.

If you are a developer, you can head over to your developer account page on Apple’s website to download and install the first Developer Preview of iOS 11.