iOS 11 Will Bring Drag and Drop Support to iPhone As Well

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 7 Jun 2017

iOS 11 wide featured

When Apple unveiled iOS 11 earlier this week at WWDC, it said that it was the biggest release of the OS for the iPad ever. And when the company proceeded so show the sheer number of new features that iOS 11 was bringing to the table on the iPad, it rightly felt like as well.

Among the key new features in iOS 11 on the iPad is the ability to drag and drop content from one app to another just like you would on a desktop. While the dock and many other iOS 11 features remain specific to the iPad, Apple did not provide any information as to whether drag and drop would be available on the iPhone or not.

Now, as per tweets from many developers, drag and drop will be available on the iPhone. The feature will only work between apps since there is no dock on the iPhone to drag content to.

You can watch drag and drop on iOS 11 in action on the iPhone here.

When combined with the new Files app available in iOS 11, drag and drop can come in handy. If you are composing a mail and want to attach a file to it, you can quickly head over to the Files app, select all the files and drag and drop them to the mail app to do it.

This, however, also creates a problem. There are now four different variety of taps that are now available on iOS 11. A short tap is used to open apps, while a medium tap will bring up the 3D Touch menu. A medium hold will allow one to drag that app or content to another app, while a long hold is used to rearrange icons. This is particularly confusing and requires users to remember that there are four different interaction levels at their disposal.

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