iOS 12 Hands-on: iPhone X-like Gestures for iPad

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 9 Jun 2018

iOS 12 Hands-on: iPhone X-like Gestures for iPad

We didn’t get a lot of impressive updates for iPad in iOS but what we did see was a whole new interaction model for the iPad. After the iPhone X came out, switching between the iPhone and the iPad became a jarring experience. I would find myself swiping up from the bottom of the iPad screen to go the Home screen. And even after a year’s worth of usage, I never remembered how to get to Control Center.

With iOS 12, Apple is fixing all the annoyances. One of our wishlist items for iOS 12 was the unification of gestures between iPhone and iPad. We were hoping Apple would bring some of the iPad style gestures to the iPhone but they’ve gone a different direction. But hey, at least there’s consistency between iPhone X and iPad when it comes to gestures.

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Flick Up to Go Home

iOS 12 iPad Home Gesture

Just like the iPhone X, you just flick up from the bottom of the screen to go back to the Home screen. And even in the first iOS 12 beta, the animation is super smooth. There’s that bounce effect we’ve come to know and love in the iPhone X. The app seems to jump off from the screen, back to the app’s icon (or the center of the Home screen).

Swipe Up A Bit for The Dock

When you start swiping up, you’ll see the Dock reveal itself. Swipe up enough till you see the Dock and let go.

Swipe Up Further For App Switcher

iOS 12 New App Switcher Gesture

Keep swiping up after you see the Dock and hold for a second to see the App Switcher. This is also similar to how it works on the iPhone X. And when you get to the App Switcher, you’ll realize that the Control Center is missing!

Swipe Down From Right Edge For Control Center

iOS 12 iPad New Control Center

The iPad has a new status bar. On the left edge, you’ll find the time and the date. On the right edge, you’ll find the battery percentage, Wi-Fi signal, and other signal statuses. And when you swipe down from that corner, you’ll see the Control Center spring down, just like it does on iPhone X.

Everything else (Split View and Slide Over) remains the same.

Are We Ready For A Bezel Less iPad?

Now that the gestures are here, does it mean that Apple has laid down the groundwork for a bezel-less iPad complete with Face ID (and god forbid) a notch? Share your thoughts on the new gestures in the comments below.