iOS 13: All The New Features in Mail App

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 16 Sep 2019

The Mail app in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 gets a small redesign and a whole lot of pro features. Not only does the Dark mode look gorgeous int he app, but you also can finally mute threads, and use desktop-class formatting with font selection on your iPhone and iPad. Here are all the awesome new features in the Mail app on the iPhone and iPad.

Mail App in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13: All the New Features

1. Download Attachments to Files App

You can now send an attachment directly to the Files app by downloading it. Just tap on Share and select Save to Files.

2. Multicolored Flags

You can now choose from a variety of colors when you flag a message. The flags are then synced across all your devices.

3. New Extended Reply Menu

Mail app has significantly simplified the email reading view. Now at the bottom, you’ll only see two buttons. Archive and Reply. The Reply menu basically hides all the important features. Tap on the Reply button to see a new panel. You’ll find options like Reply, Reply All, Forward, Archive, Flag, Move, Delete, Mute and more here.

4. Block Senders

iOS 13 extends the blocked contacts functionality to the Mail app. If you block a contact with an email, it will automatically block emails from them as well. You can also do this from the Mail app. Open an email and tap on the profile icon of the sender. Then tap on the email address or name of the sender.

This will reveal their title card. From here, tap on Block this contact. From the next screen confirm the step.

5. Mute a Thread

Got attached to an annoying email thread that’s going to go on for 30 messages at least? You can swipe left on the email from the threads view, tap on More and then select Mute to mute the given thread. You’ll see a little bell icon on the email now. You can unmute it in the same way.

6. Use The New Format Bar

Mail app gets a new format toolbar for quicking adding attachments and for formatting emails. You don’t need to tap and hold to reveal a menu anymore. Just look at the formatting toolbar that shows up above the keyboard. Using this new toolbar you can change the text formatting, attach photos, documents, take photos, scan documents and even add a doodle to the email.

7. Desktop Class Text Formatting

iPadOS 13 Mail Formatting Bar

The Mail app gets desktop-class text formatting in the iPhone and iPad. It supports iOS 13 and iPadOS 13’s new feature that will let you install and use fonts in apps. It also lets you change the font style, size, indentation and more.

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