Google is Planning to Bring iOS 14-Like Privacy Features to Android 12, Screenshots Reveal

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 9 Feb 2021

iOS 14 introduced a number of privacy features. Features like App Store nutrition labels, Safari’s Privacy Report, App Tracking Transparency, camera and microphone access status in the notification shade, and Clipboard access notifications, have impressed the masses. According to some leaked screenshots, Google is integrating some of these features into the next version of its operating system, Android 12.

Google is looking to integrate some of the privacy features seen in iOS 14 into the next version of Android, the Android 12. XDA Developers shared some screenshots of the upcoming version of the Android from an ‘early draft of a document made to summarize changes in Android 12’, which gives an idea of what features to expect.

The first screenshot shows us the camera and microphone access ‘dots’ in the status bar which could with Android 12. Apple added little dots in the status bar in iOS 14, which shows when the camera and microphone are being accessed. Android 12 could come with a similar implementation, the screenshot reveals.

android 12 dot info

Tapping the ‘dots’ reveals which app accessed the camera and microphone, similar to what is seen on iOS 14. Moreover, widgets in Android are getting an iOS 14 treatment. According to the screenshots, Android 12 would come with a similar widget interface to iOS 14.

android 12 widgets

This comes after a report about Google’s plan of bringing app tracking-like feature to Android leaked. Google is supposedly planning a ‘less stringent’ version of app tracking, based on Google Chrome’s Sandbox, for Android.

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[Via XDA Developers]