Pre-GM Seed of iOS 5.1 Leaked?

BY Jason

Published 17 Feb 2012

Folks at BlogdoiPhone claim that they’ve got their hands on a pre-GM version of iOS 5.1 software update. The Golden Master (GM) version is the shipping version of the software.

BlogdoiPhone claim that they’ve discovered two changes in the pre-GM version of iOS 5.1.

  • In iOS 5, Apple had introduced a lock screen shortcut button for the Camera app, which is accessible when you double tap on the home button. According to BlogdoiPhone, the lock screen shortcut for the Camera app does not need to enabled by the double tapping the home button in the pre-GM version of iOS 5.1, it is available at all times. It also looks like Apple plans to replace the button with a slider. So sliding up on the camera icon gives you instant access to the Camera app to take photos, instead of tapping on Camera icon, which currently launches the Camera app. It seems to be an quicker method to access the Camera app.
  • As rumored, Apple seems to have added support for Japanese language to Siri in this pre-GM version of iOS 5.1.

Apple has seeded developers with three beta versions of iOS 5.1 (beta 1beta 2beta 3) so far, with the last one seeded on January 9th. Apple is widely speculated to release iOS 5.1 along with iPad 3 that is expected to be unveiled on March 7th.

[via MacRumors]