iOS 5 Hacked To Enable Hidden Panorama Mode In Camera App [Updated]

BY Jason

Published 8 Nov 2011

Apple introduced a number of new features to the Camera app in iOS 5 such as the lock screen shortcut, pinch-to-zoom gestures, volume button shutter and editing features.

It looks like Apple was also planning to add the “Panorama” mode in iOS 5 as an iOS developer with Twitter handle @conradev has figured out a way to enable this hidden feature.

MacRumors reports that the developer was able to enable the feature by setting ‘EnableFirebreak’ to YES in

Clearly Apple had been testing the Panorama mode as a possible feature for iOS 5, but for whatever reason it didn’t make the cut into the final release. The user interface shows that a user can capture individual photos from left to right and the software will stitch it together.

Meanwhile, jailbreak app developer chpwn has submitted a tweak to Cydia that will enable the “Panorama” mode for jailbroken iPhones.

This is not a major feature as number of apps are available in the App Store that allow users to take panoramic photos, but having this ability in the native Camera app would be pretty cool.

It is not clear why Apple decided to keep this feature hidden in the final release. It is possible that Apple is planning to enable it as one of the major features in iOS 5.1.


Firebreak – jailbreak tweak to enable Panorama mode in the Camera app for iOS 5 is now available

[@conradev via MacRumors]