iOS 7 adoption hits 32% a few days after launch, beats out iOS 6 rate

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 21 Sep 2013


iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners are adopting iOS 7 at an amazingly fast rate, says a report by Chitika. The report claims that after 48 hours almost 32% of its measured iOS web traffic is now coming from devices running iOS 7. This skyrocketing jump beats out iOS 6, which only climbed to 24.7% in its first two days of availability and took three days to cross the 30% threshold.

The data is compiled by Chitika, which analyzed millions of iOS ad impressions over the two-day period covered in the graph. With new features like Air Drop and a significant visual overhaul, iOS 7 is one of the biggest changes Apple has made to the iOS platform. Early reactions to these changes in the mobile OS are mixed. Some people love it, some people hate it. Those who are bristling at the differences will likely change their mind once the shock wears off and they start seeing the beneficial changes Apple has baked into the release.

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[Via Chitika and AppleInsider]