Here’s What’s New in iOS 7 Beta 4

BY Jason

Published 29 Jul 2013

Apple has just seeded iOS 7 beta 4 to developers of its iOS developer program.

Here’s what’s new in iOS 7 beta 4:

  • There are some minor changes in the Lock screen. The arrow makes way for a subtle grabber for the Notification Center and the Control Center at the top and the bottom of the Lock screen. Thanks Grayson!



  • As you can see in the screenshot above, there is an arrow to the left of the slide to unlock text to guide users on how to unlock the device. It should fix the confusion.
  • The HDR On/Off toggle has been moved to the top in the Camera app, rather than above the different Photo, Pano, Video and Square mode. Thanks Amit.


  • Another minor change in the Camera app, focus area is now yellow.
  • The Call button in the Phone app appears to be tweaked.


  • The Remind Me, Message, Decline and Answer buttons in the Phone app have also been tweaked.


  • You can now switch between the Today View, All and Missed tabs in Notification Center with a swipe. Thanks Grant.
  • There are multiple reports of tweaks to the Keyboard such as the shift key etc.
  • Spotlight seems to have been tweaked, with a new Cancel button. Thanks Grant and Henrik!


  • New icons in the Settings app. Thanks Dave!


  • Shuffle All is back in the Music app.


  • The time estimate to a location is now shown under the car icon in the Maps app. Thanks Henrik.


  • You now have the option to remove the games you were in under the Turns tab in Game Center. Thanks Keoni who goes on to explain “that used to have a badge and couldn’t be removed, i.e. a game that you already made a turn but GameCenter says you still need to take it.”


  • Good news for iPhone 4S users. The real-time filters are now available on the Camera app for iPhone 4S as well. Thanks Peros and Mitchell!


  • The option to download all the songs in a playlist from iCloud in the Music app is back. Thanks Josh.


  • Tap on the lock screen, causes a sideward bounce, prompting users to slide to unlock. Thanks Dave!
  • There is a new Q&A option for Siri. So you can ask questions such as “How many calories in a bagel” etc as you can see in the screenshot below. Thanks Greg!



  • You have a new option to enable or disable Bold Text under Accessibility in the Settings app. Thanks Mike!


  • Mail app shows arrow/arrows to indicate threaded conversation. There is also a new animation when loading attached files. Thanks Henrik and Garrett.


  • On the lock screen, it now displays Tap to Snooze instead of just Snooze when it plays the alarm.


  • JonnyCastle tells us that he is receiving notifications for everything on his Pebble Smartwatch. In iOS 6, users get notifications only for calls, emails, and text messages. Thanks Jonny!
  • Changing the lock screen wallpaper will now display the preview of the wallpaper with the lock screen. Thanks Jason!


  • You can now enable or disable Contact photos in Favorites via the Settings app. Thanks Jason!


  • You only see the first letter of a Contact’s last name in the Messaging app now. Thanks Ryan!
  • You can enable Notifications for “Completed Uploads” in the Settings app. Thanks Mathew!


  • There is a new iPad “2X’ icon when you use iPhone-only app on the iPad.
  • You can now search in the Reminders app. Swiping down at the top of the screen in the Reminder App, gives you access to the Search bar. Thanks Greg!


  • There is a new toggle under Photos & Camera in the Settings app, that allows you to enable or disable Summarised Photos. Enabling Summarise Photos makes the views for Collections and Years more compact, and doesn’t show every photos in your library. Thanks Mathew!


  • The privacy option where you get a prompt to access the Camera roll from an app has been tweaked. Thanks Azfeen!


  • In the World Clock tab of the Clock app, it now displays how many hours behind or ahead a city is from the local time. That’s very handy. Thanks Samad!

If you find anything new that hasn’t been mentioned here then please send us an email to [email protected] or post them in the comments below.


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