iOS 7 May Bring Optimized In-Car Maps And Siri Integration

BY Jason

Published 30 Apr 2013


When Apple unveiled iOS 6 at the WWDC 2012, it showcased “Eyes Free” – a feature that allows users to fire up Siri using dedicated buttons on the steering wheel of a car. This would allow users to ask Siri questions without taking their eyes off the road.

9to5Mac now reports that Apple plans to make further inroads into in-car integration space.

9to5Mac reports that Apple is working with car manufacturers on the next generation car consoles that would allow iOS devices like the iPhone to be plugged into a car, which would then display an optimized version of Apple Maps on the car’s built-in display.

According to people familiar with the plans, Apple is working with car makers on updated versions of car center consoles that could attach to iOS devices like the iPhone. Specifically, an iPhone could be plugged into a car and an optimized, redesigned version of Apple Maps will appear on the car’s built-in display instead of a proprietary GPS system found in many cars.

Sources have described this as a feature akin to a video-out or mirrored display representation of the iPhone’s Maps app onto the bigger screens included with most modern vehicles. [..]

[..] With the iPhone connected, Siri would be used to control the Maps functions and other iOS features.

The report notes that it won’t be like the iPhone integration in iBeetle that was recently unveiled by Volkswagen in partnership with Apple, which comes with an iPhone docking station and an iPhone app.

The report also claims that the feature may not be available when iOS 7 is released, as Apple will have to carry out more extensive car-based testing, improve its Siri and Maps infrastructure and also strike deals with car manufacturers.

Yesterday, Gruman had revealed that iOS 7 is codenamed ‘Innsbruck’ and is likely to feature a ‘very, very flat’ user interface. Apple’s reportedly also trying to figure out ways to add more ‘glace-able’ information and system options panels that can be accessed by swiping from either edge of the device, though what information these panels would display isn’t known.

Apple is widely expected to give a sneak peak of iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 at the WWDC Keynote on June 10.

Via: 9to5Mac