iOS 7 includes new accessibility option that lets you to control your iPhone with head movements

BY Jason

Published 27 Jun 2013


Apple has added an interesting new accessibility option in iOS 7 that allows you to control your iOS device with head movements.

The option can be found in the Switch Control section under Accessibility, which is meant for users who need assistance with physical and motor movements.

Here’s how Apple describes the Switch Control feature:

Switch Control allows you to use your iOS device by sequentially highlighting items on the screen that can be activated through adaptive accessory.


Users can configure the switch control settings to use the left or right hand movement as a tap, access the app switcher, as the Home Button, to access the Notification Center or Siri, or to increase or decrease the volume.

9to5Mac have posted the video to demonstrate how the feature works:


As you can see, you can use the head movements to navigate the device, however it is quite tedious. If you’re planning to give it a shot then it is also important to point out that enabling the switch control feature disable touch input, so proceed with caution.

Let us know what you think of the feature in the comments.

Via: 9to5Mac