iOS 7 Features: Redesigned Calendar, Stocks, Reminders and Passbook

BY Jason

Published 28 Aug 2013

iOS 7′s redesign has been nothing short of controversial — the OS has got a whole new coat of paint including all of the pre-installed apps like Mail, Weather, Photos, Safari, Camera and a lot more.

We’ve covered App Store, Weather, Maps and CalculatorPhotosCamera and Safari already, so here’s a preview of Calendar, Reminders, Passbook and Stocks, all of which have been redesigned in iOS 7.


  • While many of the iOS 7 redesigned apps carried over the same information hierarchy and overall structure as their iOS 6 counterparts, the calendar has been not just been redesigned but also reorganised.
  • As you drill down from year to month to day, the navigation context changes accordingly, and you can go up one level by tapping the back button.


  • There’s an additional search button as well on the navigation bar, so that you can quickly find events by their name.
  • The date and time picker in the new event view has been significantly redesigned, as can be seen in the screenshots below. Moreover, changing the time in the new event view no longer takes you to a new screen, with all the controls being presented inline.



Reminders was one of the best examples of Apple’s excessive use of real world elements in its apps. The interface had fake leather all over it, and the list looked like a page out of a notebook with a paper like texture. The iOS 7 redesign of the Reminders app removes all of this in favor of a simple, colorful card-based interface.

  • Each Reminders list is shown as a card, and the default view shows each of these list cards stacked one over the other.

reminders 1

  • You can create a new list by tapping the “New List” card on the top. In addition to giving a name, you also have the option of setting a color for the list, which would be the color of the card’s title label.

reminders 2

  • The search bar can be accessed by swiping down the cards, similar to how it is on the iOS 7 home screen. Unlike on iOS 6, Reminders now searches for text just in reminders and not the list names. Upon tapping a result, you’re shown the reminder with the search term highlighted.


  • When you tap a card in the stacked cards view, that card is brought to the top, and a tap again brings you back to the stacked cards view.
  • With iOS 7, when you create a location-based reminder, you now have the option to define your own custom radius as a fence that would trigger the notification.

reminders 5


Passbook’s design has remained largely the same except from a few minor iOS 7 design language changes, that include changing some icon-based buttons to text-based. But there are a few other changes as well:

  • There’s a new button called “Scan Code” in the welcome pass that lets you scan barcodes with the camera to add new passes. The camera view shows you a moving rectangle as a guide to place the barcode.


  • Another change is the added ability to share passes using email, message or AirDrop.


  • The paper-shredding animation, that appeared when a pass was deleted has been scrapped, in favor of two lines that go from the top and bottom of the screen towards the center, wiping the pass as they move.


Apart from a color scheme change, and a few button changes here and there, the Stocks app is nearly identical to the one found in iOS 6.

  • The main color has been changed from blue to black, including the icon


  • The bottom panel that shows the chart is now translucent and shows a blurred view of the contents behind.

stocks blurred

  • The button to add/remove stocks has been changed from an italic “i” icon to a list icon, and now the list doesn’t flip around the center, but instead appears from the bottom.

The redesigned apps will be available as a part of the iOS 7 update, expected to be released this September. Check out our iOS 7 category page for everything you need to know about Apple’s next generation mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.