iOS 8 adoption rate hits 75% as iOS 7 hits 22%

BY Evan Selleck

Published 5 Mar 2015

image iOS 8 adoption 03:15

At the beginning of the month, Apple updates its developer support page to outline what the adoption rate of a particular version of iOS happens to be.

In February, iOS 8 sat at a competent 72 percent, while iOS 7 was still taking up quite a bit of the pie chart with 25%. Anything before iOS 7 was registering at 3 percent last month, and that number has remained the same for the month of March. As usual, these results from Apple are based on active iOS devices accessing the App Store, and the report was initially put together at a period ending on March 2.

iOS 8 has been a major release for Apple, despite the fact that it’s overall adoption rate has been slower than iOS 7 from the year prior. Of course, iOS 8 isn’t just a release for iOS-based devices, but also worked as a gateway to the launch of Apple Pay, and will soon see the launch of the Apple Watch in conjunction with another update to iOS 8 at some point in the near future.

[via Apple]