iPad mini Fairs Well in Drop and Dunk Tests

BY Tris Hussey

Published 2 Nov 2012

Not that we recommend you do it, the first drop and dunk (I guess “Will It Blend” will come later) tests reveal the iPad mini to be a (relatively) durable device.

We received the link to SquareTrade’s video this morning where they drop and dunk (ouch and gurgle) an iPad mini, Nexus 7, and a 3rd generation iPad in a series of corner drop, face down, and, well, just dunking them in a basin of water. Though I cringed while watching the videos they show us something important:

The devices are more durable, but don’t toss them around blithely.

I thought the corner test was most interesting (heck we know how a face down drop is going to end). The iPad mini faired the best, while the iPad 3rd generation…not so much. Has Apple figured out how to make these (rather expensive) devices more durable? I’d say yes.

In the water test, the mini did really well, the Nexus 7…toast, iPad 3rd generation worked but might be having issues.



What’s the bottom line?

Get a good case, buy AppleCare, and for goodness sake…don’t drop or dunk your devices!

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