Purported ‘iPad Mini’ Schematics Reveals Ultra-Thin Design, 19-Pin Dock Connector

BY Rounak Jain

Published 12 Jul 2012

Schematics of the much rumored iPad mini seem to have been leaked to ThinkiOS.

The schematics pretty much show what we’ve been hearing from the rumor mill, namely, a screen measuring 7.87 inches diagonally, a 19-pin dock connector and the same form factor.

The schematics, according to the site, come from a source in China, which has been consistently proven to be a weak point in Apple’s otherwise highly secretive functioning.

From ThinkiOS:

From the images we can easily note that the device is quite thin. Our source says that the iPad Mini will be only 7.3mm thick. For sake of comparison, the fourth generation iPod touch is 7.2mm thick and the current iPad is 9.4mm thick.

According to our source iPad Mini will have a 7-inch screen, and will be 5.3-inch wide and 7.87-inch long. For the sake of comparison, the new iPad is 9.50-inches tall, 7.31-inches wide, and has a depth of 0.37-inches.

Here are the leaked schematics:



As you might have noticed, the connector isn’t the standard 30-pin connector found on almost all iOS devices, but a smaller, 19-pin dock connector which has been rumored to be included in the next iPhone as well.

Images of a purported iPad mini Engineering unit leaked earlier seem to agree with the numbers and features shown in the schematics.