iPhone 12 Could Face 5G Connectivity Issues in the UK

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 12 Oct 2020

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5G support is going to be one of the key new features in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 lineup. However, a report from The Telegraph suggests that the new iPhones could face 5G connectivity issues in the UK.

The report citing “industry insiders” says that the iPhone 12 might not connect to the 700Hz 5G band. The issue is that U.K. operators are planning to roll out 5G on the 700MHz band and if the new iPhones do not support the band, customers are going to struggle to connect to 5G networks. Such low-frequency bands are important for operators since they can penetrate walls and other objects easily and can be used to quickly and easily expand network coverage.

“If it doesn’t support 700MHz then you end up with coverage problems,” said Matthew Howett, principal analyst at Assembly. “The spectrum bands that the iPhone works on are crucially important,” he added.

If the iPhone 12 does not end up supporting the 700MHz band, U.K. carrier Three will be the biggest beneficiary of this move as it has acquired a large amount of non-700Mhz 5G spectrum. This has happened in the past when Apple launched the iPhone 5 in 2021 and it only supported the 4G band used by EE. U.K’s Ofcom has not yet auctioned the 700Mhz band. The auction is scheduled for early 2021 where all operators are expected to bid heavily to acquire the 700Mhz due to its higher penetration capabilities.

Apple is scheduled to announce its iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro lineup at its ‘Hi, Speed’ event on October 13. Rumors indicate that all four iPhone 12 variants will support 5G, though only the more expensive Pro models will feature mmWave 5G connectivity.

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