iPhone 12 Pro Leak Points to 64MP Rear Camera, Night mode for Front and Telephoto Camera

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 5 Mar 2020

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A new leak surrounding the iPhone 12 Pro and iOS 14 reveals quite a bit about what Apple has in store for us this year. This is the first iPhone 12 Pro leak to talk about its specs and other improvements that Apple plans to include on the lineup this year.

iPhone 12

The leak points to Apple bumping the camera resolution to more than 12MP. The company is testing iPhone 12 prototypes with 64MP cameras. If true, this will be the first time that Apple will end up using a camera sensor with a resolution higher than 12MP in the iPhone lineup, though this move would be in line with the current trend in the smartphone industry. Don’t be fooled by that high resolution though, 64MP camera sensors are notably bigger than the 12MP camera sensors and should bring a nice improvement in image quality in dynamic range.

Apple will also be using a new lens for the ultra-wide angle camera that will let in up to 35% more light. It is also working on adding a macro mode to the ultra-wide angle camera that will allow it to focus on subjects from as close as 2.2cm. The leak points to Apple working on bringing its Night mode to the telephoto camera and the selfie camera at the front. It is also working on bringing this mode to the ultra-wide angle camera, though it is currently running into some issues. The Smart HDR algorithm will also be improved.

The iPhone 12 Pro will also ship with a 10% bigger battery than the iPhone 11 Pro Max and have a capacity of 4400mAh. This will be needed as the iPhone 12 Pro lineup will presumably include a 120Hz refresh rate display and 5G connectivity, both of which take a toll on battery life.

iOS 14

The leak also contains some tidbits about iOS 14. It points to Apple redesigning the call screen to make it less intrusive. The leaker also says that iOS 14 will be a minor refresh that will focus on stability similar to iOS 12 and won’t pack any major new features or changes. This is something that we have heard before as well.

Face ID Periscope System?

A sketchy claim from this leak points to Apple testing Face ID prototypes with a periscope system to reduce the notch on future iPhones. The company will do this by shrinking the Face ID components and fitting them inside a periscope system.

Our Take

The source of this leak Max Weinbach is known for accurate Samsung leaks. He has previously leaked some AirPods stuff which did not prove to be accurate. He previously also claimed that the iPhone 12 will be available in a new Navy Blue color instead of Midnight Green.

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