Apple relaunches three-year old iPhone 4 in India to revive sales in the country

BY Jason

Published 21 Jan 2014

iphone 4

Apple has started selling the iPhone 4 in India again, in an attempt to battle falling iPhone sales in the country.

The iPhone 5s, priced at $830, the iPhone 5c, priced at $675, and the iPhone 4s, priced at $621, are all quite expensive in India. Apple is now trying to lower the entry price-point for the iPhone, by selling the iPhone 4 for $370.

The iPhone 4 was introduced three years ago with a 1GHz A4 chip, 512MB of RAM and a 5MP camera. The specs were great for running iOS 4, but the user-experience takes a significant hit when running iOS 7, which requires much more resources for running smoothly. Moreover, Apple doesn’t let users downgrade to earlier versions of iOS.

Apple prides itself in saying that it cares about user-experience, much more than its competitors. Given that, what do you make of the iPhone 4 relaunch? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Indiatimes]