iPhone 4 “Spontaneously Caught fire” While Charging

BY Jason

Published 19 Dec 2011

Just when we thought that the incidents of an iPhone exploding in Brazil and self combusting on an Australian airline were isolated incidents, we have another iPhone user, this time a firefighter in the Pennsylvanian town of East Brandywine reporting that his iPhone 4 “spontaneously caught fire” while charging.

MacRumors points to the following report on East Brandywine Fire Company’s website:

While charging the phone using the Apple provided computer connection, the phone spontaneously caught fire.

After the phone fell to the floor igniting the carpet, the phone was thrown out a nearby window.

Despite the phone being relatively small it produced a large volume of smoke and a noxious smell.

MacRumors reports that the department has sent the damaged iPhone to Apple headquarters in California to investigate the cause of the fire.

These are not the only incidents where users have reported that their iPhone has caught fire. Back in July 2010, a report claimed that an iPhone 4 apparently caught fire and burnt the users hand.

[via MacRumors]