Photos Of Leaked Next Generation iPhone’s Battery Reveals Marginal Increase In Capacity

BY Jason

Published 10 Aug 2012

As we get closer to the launch, more parts of the next generation iPhone seem to be leaking out.

9to5Mac has posted photos of the next generation iPhone’s battery. The leaked part reveals that the battery in ‘iPhone 5‘ has capacity of 1440 mAh (3.8V/1440mAh/5.45Whr), which is a marginal increase from the battery used in iPhone 4S, which has capacity of 1430 mAh (3.7V/1430mAh/5.3Whr).

It would be quite disappointing if ‘iPhone 5’, which is rumored to feature a taller display, include 4G LTE radio  that are generally more power hungry and probably also include NFC chips will come with a battery that has marginally more capacity.

‘iPhone 5’ is also rumored to be much thinner than iPhone 4S so the increase in height will be offset by the decrease in thickness.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, iPhone 4S is already quite thin, we were hoping that the battery doesn’t become smaller or comes with only marginal increase in capacity over making the next iPhone thinner as we want it to also come with improved battery life than iPhone 4S.

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[via 9to5Mac]