iPhone 5 May Include NFC Technology For Mobile Payments And Remote Computing

BY Jason

Published 19 Mar 2011

iPhone 5 NFC

According to The Independent, Apple won’t include NFC Technology for mobile payments in iPhone 5 but is apparently working on it to bring the technology to iOS devices next year, which meant that it will be introduced in iPhone 6.

But Forbes insists that iPhone 5 will come with built-in NFC chips.

Forbes claims:

An entrepreneur who is working on a top-secret NFC product told me today that he believes the iPhone 5 will have NFC and cited a friend who works at Apple as a reliable source for the information. To further bolster his statement, the entrepreneur said that manufacturers of NFC readers – whom he has been talking to for his own product – also expect the iPhone 5 to have NFC.

Cult of Mac’s source ‘close to the company’ has told them that Apple is testing iPhone prototypes with NFC but isn’t sure when Apple will introduce the technology in the iPhone.

Apple is apparently planning to use NFC technology for portable remote computing and not just mobile payments, which we had reported earlier. Cult Of Mac provides more details about how it will work:

Apple is working out the kinks in an ambitious remote computing system — and a key component utilizes the recently launched Mac App Store.

The iPhone pairs with the host machine, and loads the user’s files and settings over the net. It’s as though the user is sitting at their own machine at home.

when a NFC-equipped iPhone is paired with a guest machine, part of the user’s profile includes the apps they’ve purchased through the Mac App Store.

The icons for their apps appear on the remote Mac, but aren’t downloaded, our source said.

But if the user opens an app, it is downloaded temporarily to the computer for use. When the NFC connection is broken, the apps are deleted and the computer returns to its previous state.

Apple is developing a way to auto-save files created within the app. The files are transferred to Apple’s servers, so anything the user does within certain apps — like creating a document in Pages — is automatically saved and synced with MobileMe.

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