iPhone 6 A8 chip shown off with 1GB of RAM in new leaked image

BY Evan Selleck

Published 29 Aug 2014

iPhone 6 A8 processor

On August 29, the iPhone 6 was unofficially unveiled, piece-by-piece, from the inside out, based entirely on leaked images. While certainly not official by any means, it has revealed quite a bit about the unofficial handset. A newly surfaced image is now showcasing the iPhone 6’s A8 processor, along with a certain amount of RAM for good measure.

The images were published by Feld & Volk [Instagram], and shared with Sonny Dickson. With this new photo, we’re given a close-up view of the completed logic board of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. On it, a nice big look at the A8 processor headed for launch within the iPhone 6 on September 9. While that’s not a big surprise in and of itself, the RAM may come as a surprise to those who thought Apple might include more this time around.

On August 18, a leaked schematic for the iPhone 6 suggested that the upcoming handset would boast 1GB of RAM. While the specific schematic was questioned for its legitimacy, it looks like it was actually correct — if this leaked image is to be believed, of course. The logic board includes the A8 processor, which does indeed include 1 GB of LPDDR3 RAM. That’s based on information provided by a MacRumors forums poster by the name of commander.data.

According to that information, the A8 processor reveals the package-on-package includes Hynix RAM. From Hynix’s part number format, the number that can be seen within the eighth slot indicates how much RAM is included on the part. An “8” points to 8 Gb (1GB) and a “B” points to the inclusion of 16 Gb (2GB). The numbers are blurry, and it’s hard to specifically say, for sure that it’s an “8” or “B,” but the consensus seems to be that the iPhone 6 — at least the 4.7-inch variant — will include 1GB of RAM.

On August 29, the iPhone 6 was subject to a plethora of new hardware leaks, many of which focused on the logic board and the information gleaned from it. Specifically, we’ve learned from the images that the iPhone 6 will indeed feature 16GB of built-in storage, that it will have NFC support out of the box, and finally a video reportedly showing a put-together iPhone 6 powering up to the “Connect to iTunes” screen.

We’ll know all of the gritty details in an official capacity on September 9, when Apple will unveil the iPhone 6.

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