New iPhone 6 Concept features edge-to-edge design, Retina 2 Display, MagSafe based Charger

BY Jason

Published 4 Aug 2013


Apple will be launching the next generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5S, later this year. It is widely expected to look like the iPhone 5, but come with improved internals and possibly new features such as fingerprint sensor.

But next year, Apple will most likely launch a redesigned iPhone 6. It remains to be seen if it will sport an all-new design or it will be an incremental update.

Business Insider points us to a gorgeous iPhone 6 concept created by graphic designer and artist Johnny Plaid. Plaid’s iPhone 6 concept features an edge-to-edge design, Retina 2 Display, multi-touch sensors at the bottom instead of the Home button, and you may not like this part, a new MagSafe based charger.

iphone-6-concept-e2e-1Here are some of the highlights of Plaid’s iPhone 6 concept:

  • With the edge-to-edge design, Apple will be able to increase the size of the display, without increasing the size of the device by that much.


  • Placid’s iPhone 6 concept appears to thinner than iPhone 5.


  • The LED flash has been moved to the extreme right of the rear camera, and has a redesigned microphone mesh for noise cancellation.


  • It also features a Retina 2 and REALD layered display.



  • Instead of the Home button, the concept comes with sensors at the bottom that supports multi-touch gestures. It could be used to unlock the device, use the area to the left and right of the Home button for different functions depending on the app.


  • It comes with a MagSafe iPhone charger.



  • He has also imagined what a smaller version of the iPhone 6 concept looks like, which he calls the iPhone mini.


We’ve covered several iPhone concepts over the last few years, but this iPhone 6 concept though evolutionary, is one of the best concepts we’ve seen so far. Let us know what you think. Will you buy one?

[via Business Insider]