iPhone 6 SIM card tray colors hint at familiar hues for new device

BY Evan Selleck

Published 8 Jul 2014

iPhone 6 internal components

As we inch inexorably closer to September, and the reported announcement date for the iPhone 6, we’re beginning to see more leaked parts. A new leak suggests that we could see familiar colors when Apple’s newest smartphone launches later this year.

The gold, silver and “space gray” options for the iPhone could become the standard for Apple, if the latest leak proves accurate. According to a new image originally published by Letem svetem Applem, the iPhone 6 is going to boast the same colors this time around, too. This is revealed by the colors of the SIM card trays, as seen in the image above.

The image also reveals the Power and Volume flex cables, which marks the second time that we’ve seen a purported component piece of this sort. However, while the initial leak just a few days ago suggested quite a bit about the button placement on the new iPhone 6, this new leaked part is not quite identical to what we’ve seen before. This new image is slightly different in layout, and hints at a larger separation between the Volume and Mute keys.

The flex cables also show that the Power button could be bigger on the iPhone 6, which would coincide with some previous rumors. Moreover, depending on how the components are installed within the new iPhone 6, the Power button could indeed be repositioned from the top of the handset, down to the side.

The leaked internals of an unannounced device may not reveal all that much, but it’s a start to get the final picture — until we get the official announcement, that is. With as many leaks as we’ve had already, including the sapphire glass front panel, it’s intriguing to guess what we might see next. Leaks happen, especially for craved devices like the iPhone.

As we get closer to the announcement date, are you finding yourself eager to see the final product?

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