Alleged iPhone 7 Leaks Out in Gold With New Camera Sensor, Revamped Antenna Bands

BY Killian Bell

Published 16 May 2016

Leaked iPhone 7 in gold

Apple’s next-generation iPhone 7 has supposedly leaked out again ahead of its official unveiling, this time in gold. Photos reveal the gold model with redesigned antenna bands that are much more subtle, and a new camera sensor.

Published by Mobipicker, the photo confirms many of the rumors we’ve been hearing in recent weeks about Apple’s next iPhone upgrade — and it’s not too dissimilar to photos we’ve seen before of an alleged iPhone 7 dummy unit.

The device also looks somewhat similar to the leaked iPhone 7 Plus, but there are some big differences. Not only does the smaller model have just one camera module instead of two, but there is no Smart Connector, either.

It’s thought the dual-lens camera will be an iPhone 7 Plus exclusive anyway, so it’s not surprising that we’re not seeing it on the smaller model. However, the lack of Smart Connector suggests that could be exclusive the bigger handset, too — or that Apple is dropping it.

Some of the changes we do see include revamped antenna bands that wrap around the edges of the iPhone so that they’re harder to spot, and a new sensor that sits in between the iSight camera and the dual-LED flash.

It’s unclear at this point what exactly that sensor is. It’s clearly not the microphone, which sits beneath it, so it could be a laser autofocus module, a color correction sensor, or something else.

There are no groundbreaking changes here, then, but this once again confirms that this year’s iPhone are likely to look almost identical to last year’s (and the previous year’s), with Apple preparing to deliver a much more significant upgrade in 2017.

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