iPhone Battery Health and Ability to Turn off Power Management Feature Coming in iOS 11.3

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 24 Jan 2018

Apple today previewed iOS 11.3 ahead of its release in spring this year. The upcoming point release of iOS 11 will come with plenty of new features which includes a detailed battery health menu.

The new Battery health menu option would be available for iPhone 6 and later and show the battery health of the phone. It would also recommend a battery replacement/service if the performance of the installed battery on your iPhone has deteriorated considerably.

Additionally, iOS 11.3 will also allow iPhone 6 and higher users to turn off the controversial power management feature that slows down iPhones with sub-par batteries. Apple had first debuted this feature with iOS 10.2.1. Do note that while disabling this power management feature could help restore your iPhone back to its original performance, it could also lead to some side effects like your iPhone rebooting randomly or significantly shorter battery life.

The revelation of this controversial power management feature in recent times has led Apple to receive a lot of criticism from its customers. It has also subjected the company to over 30+ lawsuits and regulatory investigations across the world. Apple never informed users that it was crippling the performance of their iPhone due to the aging battery inside it. Instead, it only confirmed this fact after it was caught red-handed by data collected from the benchmarking app Geekbench. Since then, Apple has gone ahead and apologized to its customers for poor communication and dropped the battery replacement price for older iPhones to $29 throughout 2018.

iOS 11.3 also comes with a number of new features like four new Animoji for the iPhone X, Health Records, Business Chat, and more.

[Via Apple]