Macworld 2009: iPhone Rumors Roundup

BY Jason

Published 5 Jan 2009

Macworld 2009

Macworld 2009 which has started today will be the last time Apple will exhibit at the Macworld Expo.

Though Apple has downplayed the event with that announcement it hasn’t stopped the rumors. We are rounding up the iPhone rumors that have been reported so far and what we think about them.

iPhone Nano Rumors:

If you are a regular reader here at iPhone Hacks then you might have heard about the iPhone Nano rumors.

iDealsChina was the first to publish information and rendering of the
iPhone Nano case
manufactured by a Chinese case manufacturer, XSKN
claiming that the product will be announced at Macworld San Francisco

We then had the case manufacturer, XSKN add references to iPhone nano on its website and then followed up by publishing the entire series of iPhone Nano cases for sale suggesting that rumors of a smaller version of iPhone could be true.

We also had a well-known case designer Vaja who has just updated its
web catalog revealing that they have plans to release protective case
for the iPhone Nano
in the near future.

What do we think?

As we have mentioned before, we have maintained that iPhone Nano is highly unlikely and seems like a publicity stunt by these case manufacturers.

Apple might introduce 32 GB iPhone:

MacBlogz had claimed that they have received an anonymous tip that Apple might introduce 32 GB iPhone at Macworld 2009.

Their tipster had claimed to work with a third party iPhone accessory supplier and has access to iPhone’s short-term roadmap.

What do we think?

We think this is highly likely based on what we have seen
with the iPod family of products and the iPhone which was first
introduced last year with 4GB and 8GB storage capacities and especially since the technology is now available.

Due to the space taken up by iPhone’s communication
hardware it is possible to only house a
single NAND Flash chip in the iPhone while the iPod Touch can
accommodate two. That is the reason the largest iPhone 3G (16GB) in
terms of storage capacity currently has 1/2 the memory of
the largest iPod Touch (32GB). However, Toshiba announced in August that they would begin mass production of higher density 32GB NAND Flash chips in the 4th quarter of 2008 so Apple is in a position to announce a 32GB iPhone.

AT&T to announce Tethering plans for the iPhone:

We have heard rumors that AT&T will be offering their official tethering option for the iPhone for an additional $30 per month with a 5GB data cap.

It is being reported that AT&T might make that announcement this week at Macworld.

What do we think?

It is likely as its high time AT&T announces a tethering plan for the iPhone just like they offer for other smartphones. In fact, the details of AT&T plans were also leaked.

Though it sounds criminal to pay another $30 per month for the tethering plans it will still be cheaper than the $60 one would pay for an EV-DO or HSDPA card plan for mobile data.

However, when we had asked iPhone Hacks readers if they were willing to pay carriers the addition $30/month with superb iPhone apps like PdaNet which is free and iPhone apps like iPhoneModem that charge a one-time fee
to bring the tethering feature to the jailbroken iPhone (without the
monthly charges). The response from them was a resounding “No” as seen here, here and here.

What else can we expect?

Thankfully the speculation about Steve Jobs will end finally after his public letter today.

We think (or hope) Apple will announce the next version of iPhone firmware where they will provide more details about the much awaited Push Notification Service which Apple had strangely pulled out in the 4th beta version of iPhone firmware 2.1 for “further development”.

What do you think? What’s in your wishlist?

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