Take Panoramic Photos on your iPhone using Pano

BY Jason

Published 22 Oct 2008

Snapture which brought professional camera features, Cycorder which brought video recording and apps like Qik and Flixwagon that have brought live video broadcasting have made iPhone’s camera a lot more fun to use than its very basic camera app.

Unfortunately these apps are only available for the jailbroken iPhone so they are still out of reach for iPhone users who are not technically inclined.

Till we don’t see jailbreak apps like Qik etc on the App Store which we hear could be soon, iPhone users can checkout iPhone apps like Debacle Software’s Pano for some fun. It allows you to create panoramic photos as seen below from multiple photos right on the iPhone.

iPhone App - Pano

Pano is developed by Debacle Software, a three-man operation consisting of Adam Cohen (image processing guru), Julian Lepinski (iPhone developer), and Eric Akaoka (graphic designer).

With Pano you will no longer need to use applications on your computer to merge the photos manually to create panoramic photos, you can create panoramic photos from multiple photos (up to 4) on your iPhone.

How to use Pano?

Taking panoramic photos using Pano is very simple. After you have installed Pano on your iPhone from the App Store, launch it from your iPhone’s home screen.

At this point, you are prompted to take your first photo. You start off by taking the left most photo. After taking a photo, it will prompt you to either use the photo or retake the photo.

If you choose to use the photo, it will prompt you to take the next photo. While taking the second photo, Pano gives you a reference of the first photo by overlaying the transparent version of the right-hand part of the first photo. This feature is extremely useful in aligning the photos.

iPhone App - Pano

You need to repeat this procedure for four photos. You can hit cancel at any point if you want to make a panoramic photo by stitching less than 4 photos.

iPhone App - Pano

When you are done, Pano stitches the four photos together to create a
panoramic photo by performing the image blending as well as some auto
color correction. The panoramic photo created is saved in iPhone’s
camera roll.


I really liked Pano’s simple user interface. As you can see from the photos posted on Panorama’s Flickr group, the paramoic photos that have been created using Pano look quite good.

Pano costs $2.99 and you can download it from this App Store link.

What do you think of Pano? Tell us in the comments below.

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