iPhone Spontaneously Combusts In Moscow

BY Rounak Jain

Published 5 Apr 2012

While the entire blogosphere argues over how “hot” the iPad exactly is, the folks at Planet iPhone bring us news about a spontaneous combustion of an iPhone 4 in Moscow, at an Apple service center.

A customer brought the iPhone to the service center after he noticed that his device won’t turn on. The service rep tried to hard reset the phone, while the device was connected to an original charger. After several failed attempts, the iPhone began to emit smoke and the back panel became red hot.

After letting the iPhone cool down a bit, the service rep dismantled the device and saw damaged components like the battery, front camera and the screen. But despite going through such high temperatures, the iPhone’s motherboard survived the ordeal and worked perfectly fine when it was used in another iPhone.

After replacing defective parts, the service rep handed over a working iPhone back to the customer.

iPhone spontaneosly combusts 1

iPhone spontaneosly combusts 2

This is the fourth incident we’ve seen of an iPhone 4 fire related mishap. However, considering how many units of an iPhone 4 have been sold, we think this is an isolated incident and not a widespread issue to be concerned about.

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