iPhone User Types An Incredible 83 WPM – Attributes Speed To Capacitive Touch Screen

BY Andy

Published 18 Mar 2010

Video of fastest typist on iPhone

How fast can you type on your iPhone keyboard? A study by IBM in association with University of Michigan concluded that the average user can type 33 words per minute on the traditional QWERTY mobile phone handsets.

So evidently, the corresponding number for virtual keyboards should be marginally lower.

However, we just chanced upon this video of an iPhone user who can type at an incredibly high speed of 83 words per minute. That is possibly higher than what many of us may manage on desktop keyboards. Orange County based iPhone user Drewbo says that his typing speed was tested with an iPhone app called iTextSpeed [iTunes link]. He confesses that his goal is now to reach the 90 WPM mark. Check out the video below, its quite impressive:

Drewbo attributes his ability to type so fast on a virtual keyboard to iPhone's capacitive touchscreen that offers a highly accurate rendering of touch inputs compared to what is possible on handsets built with resistive touchscreen technology. While we are not sure if he is the fastest typist on a virtual keyboard, Drewbo definitely thinks he is. He writes:

"I honestly believe that there isn't a faster speed out there at the moment, so I went ahead and submitted this to the Guinness Book of World Records. Hopefully my application will be accepted!"

Can you type faster than Drewbo? We would love to know your typing speed on the iPhone or iPod Touch, so please let us know in the comments.

[via TUAW]